Parchment workshop "Atelier du parchemin"
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Only the top page is in English. The linked pages are still in Japanese.
Have you ever thought to yourself, "What's parchment anyway, I've heard of it but never really seen it."
Well, "Atelier du parchemin" has the answer... even more than you expect. This website will help you understand the secret of parchment with many pictures and hands-on examples.


What is parchment? What's parchment? Gives you the answer to your question "What's parchment?" with ample information on its history, variations, applications and more.
Manufacturing procedure Manufacturing procedure Describes how to make parchment... even in your house!
Real manuscripts on parchment Real manuscripts on parchment Presents my collection of real manuscripts written on parchment from the 15th century book of hours to the 20th century Hebrew bible scroll.
Gellery Gallery Exibhits parchments we create and art works made on these parchments.
Parchment link Parchment link Introduces the parchment shops around the world and various websites with information on parchment.
About us About us Just if you are curious.
Contact us Contact us Your questions and comments will be welcomed.

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